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Our Story

Five-star massage services are available right in the comfort of your own home in London, thanks to London Heaven Massage. With every kind of massage we do, we aim for the highest standards of expertise, client comfort, and expert care. A customer who books a massage with us may be certain that he will receive service on par with, if not superior to, that offered by the spa at a luxury hotel. Our staff of licenced massage therapists is dedicated to providing each client with an intimate and relaxing session in which they may feel at ease disclosing personal information and focusing solely on their health and relaxation.

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Oil Massage
Pouring Massage Oil


Massage can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to boosting the immune system by increasing blood and lymph flow, easing muscle tension and flaccidity, calming the nervous system, and speeding up the healing process by breaking up scar tissue. Our massage therapists understand that the reason a customer seeks out a massage may vary greatly from the therapist's own. One of the most important steps in helping our clients reach their goals is building trust with them during the intake and assessment processes. Whenever possible, our massage therapist will make the customer feel at ease. This connection will help you learn more about the client's goals and expectations for the massage.

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